Pulsed lasers for biological mass spectrometry imaging

February 2018 –  A compact pulsed 2950 nm laser developed by JGM Associates Inc. (JGMA; Burlington, MA), and its use for biological mass spectrometry imaging, are described in a February 2018 on-line publication in Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry (Springer): Characterization of a novel miniaturized burst-mode infrared laser system for IR-MALDESI mass spectrometry imaging. The paper’s […]

JGMA wins Phase I award to develop mid-IR OPOs with high beam quality

January 2018 –   JGM Associates (JGMA; Burlington, MA) has received notification of award from DoD/SOCOM for a Phase I SBIR program entitled “Daytime Markers / Designators.” The project will develop ultra-compact, mJ-level, mid-IR OPOs with near-diffraction-limited beam quality, suitable for use in next-generation man-portable markers, designators, and rangefinders.  The SBIR program is designed to overlap […]

Tailored-gain laser amplifier

Bulk-solid-state amplifier provides net gain only in a selected sub-region of the gain spectrum of a broad-bandwidth material. Parasitic emission outside the selected spectral range is suppressed. For ps, fs, and widely tunable lasers.  Can make watt-level ASE sources with emission wavelengths at, near, or far away from net gain peaks. See Resources / White  […]

JGMA has developed a low-cost and compact 355 nm laser for

February 2017 – JGMA has developed a low-cost and compact 355 nm laser for UV-MALDI and similar applications. The laser prototype generates more than 20 uJ of 355 nm pulse energy at pulse rates to 25 kHz (>500 mW average) with cw pumping, and at pulse rates from 100 Hz to 10 kHz with quasi-cw […]

Bulk-solid-state laser amplifier with “tailored” gain spectrum

  February 2016 – JGM Associates, Inc. (JGMA; Burlington, MA) has announced a bulk-solid-state laser amplifier design having a “tailored” gain  spectrum. It is based on the company’s patented diode-pumped wedged-slab (VHGM) gain module technology. In the new design, the two HR coatings that establish the zig-zag seed beam path through the VHGM slab have different […]

JG Manni’s book Basic Aspects of Medical and Dental Lasers is now available at Amazon.com

  October 2013 –  JG Manni’s book Basic Aspects of Medical and Dental Lasers is now available at Amazon.com in paperback. Paperback and eBook versions are available at Lulu.com, and eBook versions are available at Apple’s iBookstore and Barnes and Noble. The book provides tutorials for the non-laser-technical reader on how lasers are designed and used clinically for surgical applications and in laser dentistry. […]