Please consider JGMA as your partner in developing new laser-based products. We will customize our laser designs to meet your specific price-features-performance needs, and we will do so in rapid fashion and at lower overall NRE cost than developing a custom laser in-house (or having it developed by a big laser company). By combining knowledge of and insights into our targeted instrument market segments, and our laser technology savvy, we strive to anticipate new laser products that customers will need or want before they know they need them.


A partial list of new OEM Lasers in our R&D pipeline includes:
– Eyesafe OPOs with high beam quality
– Pulsed UV lasers for UV-MALDI and related instruments
– Pulsed Near-IR and mid-IR lasers for IR laser-based ion sources used in mass spectrometry
– Amplifiers for sub-nanosecond and sub-picosecond lasers


If you are a prospective OEM customer for such lasers, or ultra-compact solid-state lasers in general, please fill out the contact information box below and be among the first to get new information on our latest developments and a periodically updated list of lasers in our R&D pipeline.